The main topic of short-course on ore deposits


  • The first part of the course in the morning by Dr. Flavien Choulet
    • General features
      - Some common terms
      - Classification of deposits
      - Metallogenic processes
      - Ore deposits and geological/geodynamical cycles
    • Ore deposits
      - Magmatic deposits
      - Magmatic-hydrothermal deposits
      - Hydrothermal deposits
      - Sedimentary deposits
      - Surficial deposits
    • Earth through time
    • Geodynamics and metal cycles
    • Metallogenic periods from Archean to Today



  • The second part in the afternoon by Dr. Alexandre Tarantola

1. Fundamental aspects of fluid inclusions

  1.1. Geological fluids within the Earth’s crust

  1.2. Relative chronology between cristallization/deformation/fluid event(s)

  1.3. Petrography and typology of fluid inclusions

  1.4. Analytical techniques for analyzing fluid inclusions

  1.5. The isochoric – isoplethic ideal model

  1.6. Pure H2O system

  1.7. NaCl-H2O system, Salts-H2O system

2. Hydrothermal ore deposits

  2.1. Fluid composition in hydrothermal ore deposits

  2.2. MVT deposits (Dr. J. Pironon)