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WELCOME to 2ndTRIGGER International Conference hosted by University of Tehran and Organized by CNRS, University of Tehran, Geological Survey of Iran and Université de Sorbonne

TRIGGER, "Trans-disciplinary Research on Iranian Geology, Geodynamics, Earthquakes and Resources", is an international scientific coordination network meant to pursue and develop the collaboration between Iran and France in field of Geology/Geodynamics, Earthquakes (and hazard assessment) and Mineral resources.

This network rests on collaborations already well established at the start of the millenium (such as between the Geological Survey of Iran, NCC, IIEES,… and the universities of Paris, Montpellier, Strasbourg, Grenoble...) but with a broader scope and more participants, both on /Iranian and French sides.

It is actively supported by the CNRS (the national research center of France) through the Institut des Sciences de l'Univers (INSU; "GDRI" programme). Participation of scientists from other European countries is also foreseen.

The present-day institutional partners of TRIGGER include (but not limited to):

French partners:

CNRS, Sorbonne Uni., Ecole Observatoire des Sciences de La Terre Uni. Strasbourg, Uni. Montpellier, Uni. Grenoble, Uni. Lorraine, Uni. Aix-Marseille, Uni. French-Comte, Uni. Paris Sud, Uni. Nice, Uni. Toulouse, IPGP.

Iranian Partners:

Uni. of Tehran, Geological Survey of Iran, Uni. of Birjand, IASBS of Zanjan, French-Comte, Uni. Paris Sud, Uni. Nice, Uni. Toulouse, IPGP . Res.Inst.Earth.Sci.(RIES), Res.Ins.Applied.Sci.(RIAS), Int.Inst. of Earthquake Eng. and SeismUni. Strasbourg, Uni. Montpellier, Uni. Grenoble, Uni. Lorraine, Uni. Aix-Marseille, Uni. ology (IIEES), Ntl.Cartographic Cent (NCC),...


About the Conference:

The first Trigger conference was held in GSI, Tehran in 6-7 May 2017 with participation of Iranian and French scientists. In pursuant to this conference, the steering committee of the network decided to hold the second conference in 2018 and the University of Tehran (School of Geology and Institute of Geophysics) was selected as the organizer of the conference.
The conference organizing team are mentioned below:

The head of the conference: Professor Dariush Esmaeily, School of Geology, University of Tehran, and Member of Parliament

Conference Chair: Dr. Soroush Modabberi, School of Geology, University of Tehran

Scientific Committee: Dr. Elham Shabani, Institute of Geophysics, University of Tehran

French Coordinator: Professor Philippe Agard

Iranian Coordinator: Dr. Jafar Omrani


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